Australia T20 2019-20 After cutting back on the amount of black in last year’s T20 kit, Asics have reverted to an almost completely black look for the Australian shirt this year. 

Overall this is one of the better black kits the Australians have had, but I still don’t really know why they persist with a black kit at all. Probably money.

Aside from that my only real gripes are that the collar is still weird (carried over from the Aussies World Cup shirt), and that the yellow trim really needs to be lime – or the lime pattern needs to be yellow – not both. 

Alinta Energy also need to have a talk with their marketing people and come up with a better logo for use on these kits. My recommendation, just use the word mark, and in a single colour. Please.

Not shown here is the player number on the back of the shirt which is yellow but frustratingly include a completely pointless yellow outline.