Welcome to NiceKit

This is NiceKit, a place where I’ll post short reviews of kits and jerseys. It won’t exclusively be things that I think are ‘nice’, I’ll be posting dislikes too. But these are just my views, you’re allowed to dislike the things I like, and you’re allowed to like the things I dislike. Different people like different things, it’s a free world. If you disagree, that’s fine, just don’t be an ass.

What NiceKit is:

  • Short views, opinions, thoughts on kits/jerseys/uniforms that I like… and those that I don’t.
  • Each post will have anonymous voting (like or dislike) so you can weigh in.

What NiceKit isn’t:

  • A comprehensive kit/jersey database
  • A sports logo/branding review site
  • A news or rumours site
  • A concept gallery