South East Melbourne Phoenix Home 2019-20

This is the jersey I was most looking forward to seeing, and maybe the one I’m most disappointed with. It’s not that it’s bad, I was just really hoping they’d go for a full electric green home jersey. The green in a lot of shots looks washed out, and like some of the other jerseys this year I can’t work out if it’s meant to be dark charcoal, or it’s meant to be black but the photography is letting it down.

It gets a few little things right, like the absence of any outline on the name and number, and the inaugural season patch in-place of a secondary sponsor is nice – will be interesting to see how far into the season that survives.

The swoopy shape across the lower half of the jersey isn’t really my taste, but people younger than me will probably be loving it. I would have preferred something a little more traditional for an inaugural look, especially for the base home jersey.