Brisbane Bullets Home 2019-20

The most important thing here is that the bizarre script wordmark and number from last year’s jersey is gone. In its place is a relatively standard block font, but again it’s weird that they’ve gone with a seemingly custom wordmark for the jersey that doesn’t match the rest of their brand – the wordmark in their logo would work just fine, I don’t know why they fescue to use it on the jersey.

The stripy side detail is s better than last year’s stars (which have moved to inside the collar), but the collar is a downgrade. They were the only team that had a single colour contrasting colour collar last year, and should have stuck with it – yes, the stripe on the collar matches the wordmark, but its uneven, and that ruins it. The do, however, get points for not adding a white outline to the yellow wordmark, and vice-versa on the number.