Sydney Kings Home 2019-20 Oh Sydney, what are you doing? You finally get rid of the awkward off-brand script wordmark, and change it to this? Really? Looking past the washed out purple, which I think is just bad photography, where do we start.

The wordmark is not great, the ‘GS’ ligature (if you can even call it that) is clunky, and the white drop shadow on the yellow is really unsettling – flip it to white text with yellow drop shadow and it would be an improvement, but not enough to make me like it.

They’ve changed up the block numbers slightly (at least when comparing this year’s “6” to last year’s), and added a drop shadow. But for reasons unknot they’ve decided the shadow on the numbers needs to go in the opposite direction to the one on the wordmark. Guys, that’s not how shadows work.

Oh well, they can try again for 2020-21 I guess, because this is a big let down.