Adelaide 36ers Home 2019-20 Much like last season the 36ers have one of the better jerseys, and in many ways it’s better because it’s simpler. The feathery details down the sides are quite nice and include the only touch of red on this year’s jersey. The wordmark hasn’t changed, but now has an outline that frames the wordmark as a whole rather than outlining each letter individually.

Only thing that really bothers me is that the wordmark outline appears to be be light grey/silver, whereas the completely unnecessary outline on the number is the champagne gold colour from their logo.

A solid red collar, or maybe a read outline on the word mark instead of grey might have been nice. There are no sleeve cuffs on this year’s First Ever template, which – at least for me – cheapens the overall look, making them look more like the ‘budget’ Fanatics-made NBA jerseys, rather than something a pro team would be wearing.